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Geeks- R- Us, in a good way though! We’ve got the know-how and the passion to beaver away like good little geeks and deliver you a truly amazing website, brand or social media presence that will get real results. Don’t panic though we fluently speak in a non geektastic way, meaning you get the best of both worlds.


We’re a talented bunch of individuals, who have worked alongside each other on various projects for a number of years now. Our passion and love for what we do does not just stop at building a website or creating your brand. We love to continue to help businesses grow and succeed in the long term, which is why we build relationships with our clients and continue to work with them long after the initial build, if they so wish.


It can be a worrying time, putting your trust in someone else, especially when your companies reputation can be at stake. Have no fear, we’ll work with you as much or as little as you want. Addressing any concerns and talking through the solutions, to make sure the end result is the perfect mix for your business. It’s your investment in your future, so our aim is always to give you the highest possible standard of work. whilst making it as smooth and pain-free as possible for you.


We have over 40 years combined experience within our team in computers, websites, SEO, branding and much much more. We also have experience in setting up and running our own successful businesses outside of web design, so we always have our eye on the ‘business’ side of things too.

Every project starts with a conversation, so if you want anymore information or just want an informal chat about anything ‘geeky’ simply go to our contact page here.

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